Ask About The Money

Dear Editor,

Before anyone votes to approve the $1.7 billion (that is with a B for billion not an M) please ask for a complete accounting of the $10 million the county commissioners gave the schools to upgrade security at all the schools in 2018 and the $300 million bond passed in 2020 for school upgrades, maintenance and construction.

Sue Smoot



A Note To Jim Donaldson Concerning Police

Dear Editor.

A note to Jim Donaldson.

You certainly have taken it upon yourself to be the police of the police in Greensboro.  You complain a great deal about how the Greensboro police are not doing their jobs in enforcing traffic laws.  Do you know that our police department is rated one of the best in North Carolina and the country?  Do you know that our police department is very understaffed? (Not because of poor leadership from Chief James, but because the City Council would rather play favorites with the money than give more to our police.)

The very hard working, dedicated and city-loving police officers need our support not our constant petty complaining.  The citizens of our city need to understand that following the laws of the city – traffic and otherwise – are part of the privilege of citizenship.  Why don’t you write letters complaining about the citizens that don’t follow the laws because they know they can get away with their bad behavior, instead of bashing our chief and officers.

I would like to suggest that you sign up to take the Greensboro Police Department Citizen’s Academy next time it is offered.  You will learn a lot about the amazing officers we have in this city and the mountains they are up against to serve us the citizens.  There is a whole session on traffic – you’ll be enlightened.  They deserve our thanks and support!

Dori Goebel