Schools Were Once Under Local Control

Dear Editor,

I just watched a report on the bill signed into law in Florida banning teaching or discussing homosexuality and associated subjects in public schools in grades K-5 and how the Left is going ballistic, screaming about how all who supported it (a large majority of Floridians) are neo-Nazi bigots who want to kill all gays, puppies and kittens. Don’t worry about how our children are losing valuable teaching time on the basic subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic and how our schools are failing to provide proper basic education because they don’t have time for the basics.

Let’s remember that there was a time when local schools were under local control of locals, i.e. the people of the community, and it was locals, parents and non-parents alike, that controlled them. Then along came the camel (the federal government) that proceeded to stick his nose under the tent a little at a time until he had total control of the tent and its occupants. This, by the way, also applies to a lot of other aspects of our lives.

And before you start in about the “elected members” of the school boards just look at what’s happening in Washington. Last time I checked, AOC was supposed to be there to represent a group of people in a selected area of NYC, not a huge swath of America.

What is happening to our schools is an open secret and an example of what is happening in so many areas of American life. And the worst part is the American people are the ones that let it happen by becoming apathetic and buying into the government leftists BS about how they know “what’s best for us” and for us to not worry about it. What truly bothers me is good people have bought into this and now have no idea how to correct it short of an open revolt.

Talk is cheap and easy, but how many are willing to quit whining and actually do something about it, regardless of what it takes. To paraphrase the old Toyota commercial used to go, “You asked for it, you got it … socialism!”

The price of correcting this rodent coupling, which we allowed to happen, will not be cheap. How many of you are willing to pay for it?

BTW, Chris, please tell me where I’m wrong about our schools. Please be specific and factual … if you can.

Alan Marshall



Beware Of Republicans

Dear Editor,

Be alert, informed and ready to vote for those who have your best interests at heart and not for those who are looking to undercut you and your family.

Give your full attention stated plans of the Republican Party: Sen. Rick Scott (R-Florida) has been given the responsibility of formulating his party’s position for the upcoming mid-term elections and that a plan includes raising taxes on many of the lowest paid Americans and, in addition, cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits.

If Republicans win back the US Senate, you need to know some of what’s coming.

Bob Kollar