Green Light, Wait

Dear Editor,

I promised to post laws not enforced by our Greensboro City and Guilford County law enforcement agencies? Needless to say I am always very aware of my environment.  Please do the same.  Never enter an intersection in Greensboro without looking both ways. No longer does a green light mean it is safe to go and/or Greensboro drivers will stop on red lights.

Breaking the law in Greensboro, NC. Do we still have law and order in Greensboro?

  1. Speeding including in excess of 100 mph
  2. Aggressive driving
  3. Racing
  4. Improper equipment
  5. DWI’s
  6. Running stop lights
  7. No current registration
  8. No insurance
  9. Following too close
  10. No driver’s license or suspended driver’s license
  11. Carrying stolen guns
  12. Littering
  13. Felons in possession of firearms
  14. Illegal drugs in possession
  15. Trafficking of illegal drugs
  16. Improper mufflers
  17. Driving unregistered dirt bikes
  18. Driving unlicensed dirt bikes
  19. Driving dirt bikes without a helmet
  20. Driving 4 wheelers and ATVs
  21. Driving unregistered 4 wheelers and ATVs
  22. Driving 4 wheelers and ATV’s without helmets
  23. Driving vehicles with illegal tinted windows
  24. Possession of stolen vehicles

You might ask how I know this? It is because I have seen it all and no laws are effectively or at all enforced on the roads of Greensboro. The Greensboro Police Department conducts no active campaigns to get guns off the streets, dangerous drivers off the streets, drugs off the streets, fugitives off the streets and those driving under the influence? The State of NC has it under control and is aggressive with its “Booze it and lose it” and “Click it and ticket it” campaigns. Check out the results, they are extremely effective! And, yes, GPD will do their obligatory duty and join these efforts by the State of NC, but very rarely have I seen them initiate their own initiatives to protect our citizens.

  1. Careless and reckless driving including property damage to private property. Burnout parties of 50 or more on private property.
  2. Trespassing. Ever notice all the trash around Buffalo Lake, which is private property and heavily posted.
  3. Demonstrators on the private property of Greensboro Country Club during the postmaster general’s demonstrations!
  4. Illegal blocking of roads and highways during demonstrations
  5. Malicious damage to personal property and businesses
  6. Marches without permits
  7. Illegal parking. It is my understanding the law says you must park in the direction of traffic. Interesting I had a neighbor that didn’t adhere to this practice and had two cars totaled by the drunk drivers leaving the Battleground bars at the wee hours of the morning. If the cars had been parked correctly with their backs to oncoming traffic, would they have seen the red tail lights and not had the crashes? Due to improper parking one car rode up on the hood flipped and landed in my driveway. To my knowledge a citation was never written for improper parking.
  8. Indecent exposure. Don’t think it is legal to expose certain body parts?
  9. Marijuana and driving while impaired. Check out local convenience stores. I am often almost knocked out by the strong odor of marijuana by customers visiting these stores. Appears to me they just put a joint down, therefore are getting back in their cars and driving while impaired. If you must smoke weed, stay home!
  10. Election law violations-campaign signs! Yes, even our leaders don’t obey our laws! leaders that are supposed to lead our fight against crime are law breakers as well. On Summit Avenue and Rankin Road, which are both city property right of ways, our high sheriff has posted several Danny Rogers for Sheriff election signs. This has been done illegally on city right of ways. As I understand it; campaign signs are not allowed on city right of ways until 30 days prior to the election. Maybe Sheriff Rogers needs to spend more time reading the law, enforcing the law and protecting us.

And you wonder why crime, murders, aggravated assaults and daily shootings are out of control in Greensboro? Voters and law-abiding citizens of Greensboro, it’s time to get in the game and demand a change in law enforcement before you lose your city and possibly your life.

Jim Donaldson