Change The Direction Of The Country

Dear Editor,

When President Trump is re-elected there is one thing he can do quickly to change the direction of this country using our young men and women, (sorry but there are only two sexes for those who think otherwise). He can sign an executive order on day one making the following mandatory…..

When a high school student finishes he or she must engage in one of the following within 6 months of graduation:

1). Start a full time job

2). Be enrolled in and attend a community college (it’s impossible not to be accepted)

3). Be enrolled in and attend a trade school

4). Be enrolled in and attend a junior college

5). Be enrolled in and attend a four year college

Failure to do one of these five things results in the person having to enter the military branch of his or her choice for four years. This would not only set these young men and women up for success, it would reduce crime and strengthen our job market at home.

Now you ask, how do you enforce this? That is a good question and one that would need to be refined but who is enforcing the rule that every 18 year old has to sign up for the draft. Do you think the average high school drug dealer or gang banger has signed up for the draft? Hell no!

This is not a perfect solution but it is a good start to begin changing this country for the better.

Jason Stewart

Ban All Social Media Apps

Dear Editor,

I agree with the CEO of Tik Tok that all social media apps should be banned from all government devices. But until then Tik Tok and all apps that are owned, or controlled, by China should be banned from all devices.

By the way are government phones, and computers, made in China or the United States?

Chuck Mann