Praise For Linda Welborn For Speaking Up

Dear Editor,

Kudos to school board member Linda Welborn for speaking out about the most recent example of Guilford County Schools announcing a major change without consulting board members or parents. Apparently, the superintendent decided that Northeast Guilford needed to change from block to traditional scheduling. The change was announced as a “done deal.” No need for review by the school board or discussion with parents.

It seems like our superintendent and majority of board members are not listening to what is happening in other states. Parents think they should have input in how our schools are run! If moving from block to traditional scheduling is a good move, why not share the data. Why is the block scheduling not providing the benefits expected? What educational improvements can we expect from a traditional schedule? Where is the data? What is the justification?

So, not only is GCS failing in its mission (half our kids cannot pass the proficiency tests in math and reading), the heavy handed approach to decision making is troublesome. Parents will support improvement if presented with the rationale.

Fortunately, Linda is running for reelection and there are four other candidates who share her vision of the needed improvements in GCS.  They are committed to a New Vision New Direction for GCS – “Empowering parents, Supporting staff, Ensuring student success and Security and Promoting financial accountability.”

Support Crissy Pratt, Tim Andrew, Robert Millican and Linda Welborn.

Gene Parker