Tennessee Considering Turning Down Federal Money

Dear Editor,

The opening battle in the second American Revolution appears to be starting in the State of Tennessee.

The governor of Tennessee has called for the formation of a committee to explore the process of returning federal education funds with the ultimate goal of telling the fed to get the hell out of their schools and let them establish their own standards of education.

In other words, no more Big Brother-directed indoctrination of their children. Hazza!

What I am hoping above all else is this “committee” doesn’t take forever and a day to do its work and return a recommendation that will guide the governor on to the next step of breaking the hold of the fed and returning control of their most precious asset, their children, back to the people it belongs to. You can bet the fed will do everything they can to make this fail because it could conceivably cause a massive loss of control and power not to mention all the minions that currently occupy the Department of Education.

Another thing that will be working against him is the very powerful hold of the teachers unions, because if this works and begins to catch on they will lose their power as well. The way they and the fed would react you’d think that would be a bad thing.

Another ally of theirs will be the (National Socialist) Democrat Party. They and their zombie-like followers will be doing any and everything they can to make this fail. If not, they will begin losing their uneducated thralls and with it, their power.

One question I have is, if this succeeds, will it mean less money from the state going to the fed? After all, they aren’t getting anything from them for education, so why should the citizens give them their money for nothing?

You can count on the fed to do anything they can to prevent this from happening. The loss of power would be far reaching and would return that power back to where it belongs – to the parents and the people. This is going to be worth watching.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall