Loud Muffler On Cone Boulevard

Dear Editor,

There were gun shots on Cone Boulevard this afternoon (Monday, March 21) about 5 p.m. and again at 5:30 p.m.?  Whoops, my bad.  It was just a car that had modified its muffler system or engine so it would make it sound like gun shots.  I was with a 20-year veteran of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department that knows what he hears.  We dove for the dirt both times.

This is just one of the many crimes Greensboro Police Chief Brian James and GPD don’t enforce.  I believe an improper muffler is a violation of law?  Unfortunately, you hear them all over town.  Did they change this law, Chief James?

In my opinion this is an absolute dereliction of duty by GPD Police Chief Brian James.  He is a sworn officer that swore to enforce all laws.  It is very apparent he has failed to do his sworn duty.  Furthermore, I suggest this a criminal offense.

My goal is to post each day for 30 days one instance and example of laws GPD doesn’t enforce.  Might not make it, but it will be close.

Am I the only one in Greensboro that recognizes how important this issue is to your safety and wellbeing?

Speak up law abiding citizens of Greensboro.  Your once loved city is getting away from you.

Jim Donaldson