If This Is Our Best …

Dear Editor,

In the somewhat recent past, I expressed an interest in how the City Council is responding to the remarkable increase in murders in our fair city.  I say “murders” rather than homicides because perhaps some of our citizens are not aware that they are the same.  Our City Council should immediately provide the funds needed for a full strength police presence.  Fill the vacancies as quickly as they can be filled, add training facilities if that continues to cause delays. The council can always “find” money when one of the nonprofits appears with their hand out.  I am also aware of some reference to “wages” as an issue.  If anyone employed by the City of Greensboro is laying down on the job they agreed to accept, as leverage, they should be dismissed, mindful that they might have a legitimate complaint, but that is not how one negotiates.  

Why do I think we are not giving appropriate attention to this absolutely horrible situation?  Generally, my commentary reflects a strong support for our law enforcement officers, even in my last submission I commented that City Council should butt out of this issue.  Thence we only need to evaluate one possible reason why our efforts appear to be ineffective.  

The officer “on the street” will do as he is ordered, and supervisory personnel should be issuing those orders based upon recent consultation with other agencies who have had more success stopping these crimes than we seem to be having.  If all the stops have not been pulled at this point, we may need to start at the top and replace these personnel until something happens.  I will not accept the fact that there is no way to turn this around.

This is a hard-nosed letter.  I realize my position is not one of, “Oh, we are doing the best we can.”  If this is our best, it is woefully inadequate.  Turn to!

Rich Carrera