The Invasion Is Underway

Dear Editor,

It has finally happened. The United States of America has been invaded by hostile forces.

American military personnel put into a dangerous situation but could not, thanks to Uncle Joe and his (National Socialist) Democrat Party, do their job and stop them and, from the angle I saw, some of those soldiers may have been injured.

And it was not a few illegals. According to reports, it was approximately 600 illegal aliens who tore down the border fence and assaulted American soldiers while forcing their way into our country.

I see this as the opportunity Doddering Uncle Joe and the puppet masters who control him have been looking for to remove the Texas National Guard from protecting their state and get it back to the non-existent national border it was under.

Anybody want to take odds on this happening again? Anybody want to take odds that citizen militias are going see this as the last straw and begin showing up on the border, armed, and take on the ‘the government won’t do anything so We the People will’ attitude? Anybody want to take odds that this incident will motivate ultra-extremist groups and individuals to take things into their own hands which will endanger those illegals currently in the country? Contrary to what one particular individual will imply in an attempt to make me look like one of those I’m talking about, I hope that doesn’t happen, because if it does, should any of that happen, it will provide the excuse the (NS)DP and their ilk needs to drive the wedge deeper and to try to make those who love and respect this country and the laws that make us who and what we are appear to be bigoted right wing haters.

Now, more than ever, Republicans and conservatives need to rally together everywhere to vote out not just this President, but all of the bleeding hearts at all levels of government.

“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon.”

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall