Hairstyle Shouldn’t Be Racial Issue

Dear Editor,

The House of Representatives has passed the ”Crown Act,” which would prohibit racial discrimination based on hairstyle and texture. I don’t think that people should be discriminated against because of their hairstyle, color or texture. But why does race, or gender, have to be even mentioned. I am a true believer in equality, and it bothers me that some people want us separated by race, tribe and ethnicity.

Chuck Mann



Law And Experience Not Basis For Supreme Court Nominee

Dear Editor,

Members of two of the three branches of the federal government are (theoretically) selected by the citizens of the country by means of (theoretically) free and fair elections. This is because the founders wanted The People to decide who would represent (not rule) them in matters concerning the country overall. State and local governments are (theoretically) there to deal with events that affect only the state and local citizens. The federal government is (theoretically) an impartial body that oversees things that affect the majority, if not the entire, country.

The Supreme Court is the third branch of government and is unique in that they are not elected by the people but instead are nominated by the president and, after a vetting process, selected by the Senate. One of the major reasons it’s the Senate that makes the final approval is because every state is equally represented in that branch. No one or two states can be the deciding factor due to their size.

As I said earlier, the president makes a nomination based (theoretically) on what they know about the individual, their experience, their record and how close to being neutral they can be, based on the law and how it is written, when making their rulings.

While I’ll admit that past presidents (R & D) haven’t always held strictly to those guidelines, they have tried. And as we all know you can’t satisfy everybody but you can come close.

Then there is Slow Uncle Joe.

His handlers in the (National Socialist) Democrat Party have been salivating over the idea of being able to fill a seat on the high court and now that it’s here. And they have shown their true colors through their puppet when he announced what his nominee standards will be.

Highly experienced? No. A record of neutral decisions? No. An ability to make rulings based on the law, not their personal beliefs and feelings? No.

His standards are really quite simple – be a “woman of color” who cares less about what the law says and more about her personal beliefs and social standards. No men, no whites and no “people of color” who believe in what the law is versus how it will support “social justice.”

We the unwilling, led by the uncaring are very close to getting what we deserve for our lack of participation … well, most of us anyway.

“Live free or die!”

Alan Marshall