The Left Is Rewriting American History

Dear Editor,

I just found out that the Naming Commission, a board formed by the (National Socialist) Democrat Party to rewrite American history, has released a list of National Guard units that participated in the American War Between the States and have been ordered to remove the battle streamers awarded for those engagements they fought in during the war from their colors. In the case of North Carolina units, the 120th Infantry Regiment of Wilmington has been ordered to remove seven battle streamers.

All total, 491 battle streamers are to be removed from Southern units still active.

While I realize this may not mean much to the average civilian, it can be devastating to those who served in these units over the years. It means removing a piece of their unit’s history. It means telling the families of the men who served in these units and the sacrifices they made mean nothing.

This – along with the renaming of military posts and Navy ships, the removal of the names of Southern officers and enlisted men from buildings and streets, basically the elimination of anyone associated with the South who made the ultimate sacrifice for what they believed in – is interesting because on the other side we have the names of people, criminals, being honored. Talk about an upside-down world, all in the name of political correctness and spinelessly pacifying their base. Where will it end?

The left won’t be satisfied until they’ve rewritten American history to suit them. They’ll continue to remove and redo the truth until it suits their views and purpose. The best example I can give is found in the book “1984” by George Orwell. I recommend you read it. It’s the handbook for the left and how they want to do things.

I already know there will be plenty of people who will accuse me of being the typical redneck good ol’ boy, but don’t care. I’m proud of my and my family’s military service and heritage all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall