New Study Shows COVID No Worse Than Flu

Dear Editor,

It seems news about the second coming of the Black Death (aka COVID-19) was kind of overblown.

Dr. John Gerrard, who is Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, a leading infectious disease specialist, and previously was the director of infectious diseases at the Gold Coast Hospital, is the lead author of a recent study that found the post-viral effects of COVID-19 to be equal to or even less severe than other respiratory illnesses.

But, but, according to the leader of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party, if you don’t get the government directed and sanctioned injection, you’re a health hazard to everyone and need to be sent into exile. Children were barred from schools and lost up to two years of education.

Between May and June 2022, 5,112 adults who had symptoms of a respiratory illness and underwent PCR testing.  Of those individuals, 2,399 tested positive for COVID-19, while 995 tested positive for influenza, and 1,718 tested negative for both.

A year later the participants in the study were asked about ongoing symptoms. Of the respondents, 16 percent said they felt ongoing symptoms a year later, and 3.6 percent reported moderate-to-severe impairment. In fact, the people who were infected with the flu had a higher rate of impairments a year later, according to the study.

From the author, “That does not mean that you can’t get these persistent symptoms following COVID-19, but you’re no more likely to get it after COVID than with other respiratory viruses.”

But, but, those that didn’t get the vaccine are typhoid Marys that needed to be shunned and fired from their jobs. The military threw out experienced people because they exercised their rights and now are having to bring them back, with back pay and promotions but no way to restore the lost experience needed to advance.

Gerrard said during a Friday press conference, “I want to make it clear that the symptoms that some patients described after having COVID-19 are real, and we believe they are real. What we are saying is that the incidence of these symptoms is no greater in COVID-19 than it is with other respiratory viruses…”

But Uncle Joe’s handlers had him screaming about how we were all going to die without their shot. Blindly trust your government! Be good sheeple and obey!

“A government of the people, by the people, for the people …”

“A republic … if you can keep it.”

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall