State Needs Higher Taxes For Education Spending

Dear Editor,

Despite its Constitutional obligation to provide a sound, basic public education for our children, the North Carolina General Assembly has chosen instead to cut taxes to 0% for large corporations. This law to give large corporations a free ride has already passed and is scheduled to take full effect by 2030. It would further redirect resources from communities to country clubs, from classrooms to ballrooms.

How could we use the $2 billion in annual revenue scheduled to be lost? How about $267 million to guarantee every school has licensed staff to support student mental and physical health? Or $93 million to expand and preserve affordable housing for 10,000 low-income households? How about $151 million to support healthy pregnancies and child development for 10 times the number of low-income first-time moms and their babies through the Nurse-Family Partnership program? Or $13 million to cover the costs of two weeks of early voting for every registered voter in the state?  The list goes on.

Do we see what’s getting shorted, here? It’s our opportunity to raise our voices for good, and it’s our very futures. And without this revenue, it’s almost certain we’ll face higher property taxes and sales taxes in the future.

Please join me in reaching out to our elected officials to demand they rewrite the rules. North Carolina families deserve an opportunity to create great lives here. We deserve the services and support needed to see ourselves through, in good times and bad.

Kimberly Thornton Scholl