Greensboro Is Lawless

Dear Editor,

Greensboro is no longer a city that is fit to live in!

Police Chief Brian James and Mayor Nancy Vaughan have destroyed our city. There is no respect for the law or law enforcement because these two has chosen not to effectively and aggressively enforce the law. They need to go.

I am out and about during the day, don’t dare venture out at night for the fear of my life. I have never seen so much disrespect for the law in our city in my life.

Guess what, Nancy and Brian, this is a result of both of your refusals to enforce all laws equally. You are a disgrace to a city that I once loved, and now want to leave. What is impetus of my comments? Unfortunately, I had to drive down Wendover Avenue today and the lawlessness of the drivers on this road as absolutely absurd.

You are a disgrace for not protecting the safety of our law-abiding citizens of Greensboro.

Jim Donaldson