Sanction China

Dear Editor,

President Biden is thinking about getting rid of ”most favored nation trade status” for Russia. Why doesn’t he do the same thing for China?

China is committing genocide against the Uyghur people. China is committing ”cultural genocide” in Tibet. They have destroyed three famous statues of Buddha in Tibet since December. The word gendercide was created to describe the incredible number of aborted females and forced sterilizations.

Remember the Tiananmen Square Massacre? Communist China received most favored trade status after this event.

Why does China get a pass? I think that all of the sanctions that have been placed on Russia should be placed on China. Countries that commit genocide should be punished.

Chuck Mann



Democrats Would Run, Republicans Would Fight

Dear Editor,

Apparently, someone did a survey and found that something like 70 to 80 percent of (National Socialist) Democrats would flee the country if the U.S. faced a situation similar to that of Ukraine, while over 80 percent of Republicans/conservatives would stand and fight. We are surprised by this why?

The Russians are reported to have bombed a children’s hospital, resulting in in a reported three dead and hundreds wounded. The news reports are implying it was an intentional strike, but based on experience, I have my doubts it was “targeted,” but regardless it is a war crime and needs to be punished.

Then you have the Chernobyl reactor situation. As crazy as Putin is, I have to wonder if that, again as reported, was an intentionally targeted strike on the reactor itself. Remember, in warfare propaganda is a cheap, easy and effective weapon anybody can employ – some better than others.

Currently we have “third world countries” who we have allowed to become, to some extent, our puppet masters because we have to rely on them for our fuel requirements. Now we see exactly where we stand when you have these third world countries refusing … refusing … to answer the phone when our supposed “leader” tries to call them!

Can we get much more humiliated? Can we continue to call ourselves one of, if not the most powerful country in the world?

I like to use the analogy of water circling the drain to make my point that we are in trouble, and frankly I’m starting to see down the pipe. Initially I viewed the election of bumbling Biden and his token choice of Harris as his assistant ding-dong as a bad joke with a four-year lifespan. Then he came out and said he would only select a “woman of color” as his nomination choice for the Supreme Court.  Forget qualifications and experience.  And don’t forget that without his (National Socialist) Democrat handlers/controllers this could and would not happen.

The Biden/Harris/ (National Socialist) Democrat comedy team is no longer a joke. They present the most dangerous combination of power hungry “leaders” since the Nazi party.

There, I said it and will stand by it. These people want power and will go to any extent, including destroying this great country, to secure their power.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Alan Marshall