IRS To Start Taxing Thieves

Dear Editor,

The most dreaded arm of the federal government has issued notification to criminals, thieves, robbers and the like that their time has come. It’s been reported that the IRS (shudder) has issued a statement that profits made by theft, stealing, scams, and all other criminal acts need to be reported so federal taxes can be calculated and collected on these sources of income.

I wish I was making this up.

This brought to mind a proposal by doddering Uncle Joe about hiring 87,000 more IRS agents. I wonder if that’s what they want them for, to start enforcing this very lucrative source of income for our federal overseers. If that were the case, I would be willing to at least listen to the proposal, but we all know that will happen only when pigs begin nesting in trees. Remember, this is how they got Al Capone. But seriously, is anybody surprised by this?

Now let’s move on to one of the people that an overwhelming number of veterans like myself, Vietnam veterans in particular, love to hold in total and complete distain, Hanoi Jane Fonda (aka “it”). It was recently on The View it made the comment that the solution to pro-life protestors and supporters is to “murder” them. The worst part is it  got applause.

Can you imagine the level of outrage and calls for the public hanging a pro-life supporter would have gotten if they made such a comment about pro-abortionists? It would be the subject of every (National Socialist) Democrat Party thrall in the mainstream media for at least a week, if not more. Gov. DeSantis would somehow be presented as a supporter of this and be lambasted until he cancelled his plans for a run for president.

The president of Mexico is threatening to get actively involved in the American election process because some of his shadow supporters killed two, and possibly five, American citizens in his country, claiming he would support a campaign against the Republican Party. I wonder what this cost the (NS)DP?

And finally, the (NS)DP is extremely irate at a couple of journalists they thought were part of their pet collection when they testified before a House committee recently. Their tantrums were amusing as well as pathetic. Look for more of this childish activity. It would be amusing anywhere else, but dangerous in the people’s house.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall