Media Bias – When Ends Justify Means

Dear Editor,

Biased entities continue to demand tech companies’ ban “conspiracy theories.”  Groups purposely label inconvenient facts as “Russian disinformation,” “misinformation,” “stereotypes/racism” and “conspiracy theories.”  Merely questioning if COVID leaked out of Wuhan lab was a “racist conspiracy theory.”  The Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation.”  Questioning COVID policy, including vaccine safety/efficacy and quarantine, was misinformation.  Based on these labels, the government actively pressured tech companies to censor taxpayers.

One perspective absent this debate is how liberally biased actors ignore their own “conspiracy theories.”  Biased reporters present conservatives as gullible and liberals as super intelligent.  Somehow, identifying opposition “conspiracy theories” makes liberal reporters superior and incapable of falling for “conspiracy theories” themselves.

However, Trump-Russian collusion was the epitome of a “conspiracy theory.”  Of course, we still do not know who fed this information to Clinton campaign opposition researchers – perhaps Russians.  As a result, the democratically elected president underwent an independent counsel investigation due to a conspiracy theory.  The president asking an impartial third party with legal standing, Ukraine, to investigate Hunter Biden was intentionally mischaracterized as a “conspiracy theory,” resulting in an impeachment investigation.  The DNC gained tremendously from the FBI promoting inconvenient facts as mere “conspiracy theories” while at the same time promoting other conspiracy theories as true.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) actively blocked “misinformation” at tech companies.  However, much of the “COVID misinformation” was factually true.  Facts were labeled “misinformation” if used to argue against quarantines and mandatory vaccines.  The very same facts were labeled “true” only if used to argue in favor of vaccine mandates and social isolation policies.  Often “misinformation,” was active debate of differing opinions using facts.  At the same time, NY Gov. Cuomo was caught lying about COVID data.  Based on the lies, other states followed NY’s deadly policy resulting in thousands of preventable deaths.  Biased media was quite on liberal “misinformation” as long as it could be used to undermine Trump.

Why is this happening?  Look no further than biased media’s response to leaked Tucker Carlson emails.  Biased media portrayed Carlson as a liar and hypocrite for despising Trump while reporting information benefiting Trump.  In other words, biased reporters believe that if you like someone/support a policy, you should only report good news about the person/policy and if you don’t like someone/policy you can only report bad news about the person/policy.  Liberal biased reporters are promoting not reporting.  Carlson should be commended for separating personal feelings from reportable facts.

Alan Burke