Throw The Bum Out

Dear Editor,

The local left, aka the Guilford County (National Socialist) Democrat Party, have shown they were expecting the Guilford County Republican Party to take the action they did by their reaction to it, that being nothing, publicly. They have closed ranks and undoubtedly are getting clandestine support from their masters higher up in the party.

What I find disturbing and unconscionable is the weak action taken by the Guilford County GOP. Goebel showed his true colors by not only allowing himself to be a puppet for the Democrats, but ran and hid behind his new masters, not showing some backbone by stepping out and facing the public (without Democrat string pullers). I realize by saying this I’m going to P.O. people in the GOP and I don’t care, but I believe there are plenty of people who feel as I do, which is that he needs to be formally thrown out of the Republican Party for allowing himself to be used by the Guilford County (NS)Democrat Party. If they don’t like the truth, throw me out of GOP.

Republicans/conservatives need to stand up and make their opinions and desires known in the county meetings and in the press. The silent majority can’t stay silent any longer, otherwise we will continue to be walked on by the liberal, whiny left.

If anyone is paying attention, the (NS)DP is becoming more and more open about what they are doing (i.e. doing things their way) and how they are doing it. One of the problems is no one calls them out because of a lack of understanding on how our government is supposed work, that and what has been called the fourth branch of government, that being the unelected bureaucrats that are entrenched in D.C. regardless of who gets elected. I noticed there was a very quick cover up when it was pointed out an elected representative, a representative of the people, was reported to have voted in favor of a piece of unfavorable legislation and when he was challenged on it got the figurative “deer in the headlights” look and said he would look into it. (Cue sound of crickets)

Two things need to be done, first repeal the 17th Amendment of the Constitution, (watch the local web lock up from people trying to find out what that is), and second make teaching U.S. government mandatory for graduation from high school.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall