Make Election Day A National Holiday

Dear Editor,

The ultimate law of the land in this country, the Constitution, begins with seven simple words that, no matter how the pundits and “experts” try to interpret or spin them, make clear who is, without question, in charge of this great country.

We the People of the United States …

So many people concentrate on the first three, and that’s awesome. But I believe the other four are just as important. Those additional four words make it clear who exactly is in charge; the natural born and legally immigrated people here. And yes, I believe the law that awards automatic citizenship to anyone born to someone who is not a legal resident or has entered the country illegally needs to be repealed immediately.

Back to my point, we have reached a place where politicians (professional politicians as I refer to them because they somehow have managed to turn the position into a profession) have destroyed the ideas and concepts that were created by our founding fathers. Some of them spend as much, if not more, time campaigning and working for themselves in order to stay in office than the people they are supposed to be representing. And care to guess who is to blame for this atrocity? It’s the unthinking drones whose mantra is “I don’t have time,” or “my one vote doesn’t matter.”

Guess what?  You got what you deserved, but unfortunately you have dragged down way too many people who do care and are trying to restore at least some semblance of what makes this country great.

One of the biggest problems, created by those professional leeches in Washington, D.C., is how we now have election periods that run almost over the course of the year. Here’s my suggestion: If we can create a federal holiday like Juneteenth(?) why can’t we declare Election Day a holiday, allowing citizens the opportunity go and vote at their convenience. I could see allowing early voting a couple of days before Election Day, but the rest of this goofy crap needs to stop.

“I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’” – Howard Beale, “Network”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.” – Ben Franklin.

Alan Marshall


Mayor Vaughan Responsible For Unsafe Streets

Dear Editor,

Current Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan is obviously clueless on how to get a handle on escalating crime rate that is spiraling out of control in Greensboro.  Her words exactly, “We are not going to police our way to lower crime,” according to a recent campaign communication. How much more ignorant can you be as our law-abiding citizens are not even close to being safe in the Greensboro community?

Now you know why there are no campaigns to get guns off the streets, no campaigns to make our streets and by-ways safe, and no campaigns to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities in Greensboro! Meanwhile the criminals continue to carry guns without consequence, smoke dope while driving, and aggravated assaults are rising faster than inflation.

If you have no respect for the law, you have no respect for others and life. Thanks to you, Mayor Vaughan, you are responsible for those that pay absolutely no attention to our traffic laws including speeding, running stop signs, crashing red lights, driving aggressively and committing hit and runs at a level never seen before in Greensboro.

What do think the purpose of law enforcement is? To give out gift cards to criminals and make friends with them? We call the Fire Department to put out fires and protect us. They are also involved in pro-active duties installing smoke alarms to help protect our citizens. Just curious why you don’t think the Greensboro Police Dept. has equal responsibilities.

Have been fishing for years to reveal the culprits responsible for not protecting the safety of our Greensboro citizens? We now know it is you that is responsible.

Jim Donaldson