Lawbreakers Give Up Right To Live

Dear Editor,

In my opinion, anytime you are in the act of breaking the law (speeding, running red lights, stop signs, driving under the influence, robbery, aggravated assault, shooting a gun at anyone, resisting arrest) you have given up all your rights to live!

Why, because your reckless behavior puts law abiding citizens in harm’s way. This might not be an accepted legal opinion of our courts, but it is simple common sense and the law of the jungle!

Citizens, it is now a jungle in the USA and all laws need to be enforced effectively!

Jim Donaldson


Concerned About Who Is In Control

Dear Editor,

As I’ve been watching the Biden/Harris roadshow they jokingly call an administration, I’m beginning to get concerned – very concerned.

Initially I considered all the jokes and comments about Biden and what appeared to be his mental condition as just that, jokes and barbs. But the more I watch, and more importantly the more I see what goes on behind the scenes, I’m wondering just how much Biden is in control. From day one of his administration he has done things that were extremely destructive to the country, the shutting down of the pipeline on day one being the best example. Another is the out of control circus on the southern border. And what makes it really strange is how he handed it off to his VP with little to no guidance. We have a true crisis there, but I’ve heard more from him about environmentalism and global warming than the southern invasion. What should be interesting is the outcome of the meeting with Putin. Stay tuned.

On the subject of the southern border and VP Harris, I’m in awe at how he handed it off to her and appears to have cut her adrift. The other thing about this situation is how it’s displaying Kamala’s inability to handle something on this scale. It’s now being reported that cartel activity is starting to spill over into the U.S. along that border.

It’s obvious this administration had no plans for taking control of the government and the concerns we are facing. Biden said one thing while campaigning but has done a blatant 180 after getting in power. They are more concerned with consolidating power in the form of rewriting the Constitution to take the power of the ballot box away from the states and put it under federal control than working to save the republic. Keep in mind they know they have a limited amount of time to get these things done before the 2022 elections. At that time, we will be able to regain control and stop this march toward socialism and the destruction of America. But until then, we, the true patriots, need to stand up and fight. We need to be obvious in our intentions to not lie down and let them win. If necessary, we must be prepared to use their tactics. The future of our children and grandchildren is the prize.

Alan Marshall