Return To Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Dear Editor,

I recently saw this headline: “Space Force general admits she lets ‘anti-LGBTQ+ laws’ impact hiring decisions — resulting in ‘less qualified’ personnel”.

I guess I don’t pay enough attention to some things but I would think “anti-LGBTQ+ laws” would have jumped out everywhere. I wasn’t aware there are such laws on the books, and with all the attention on the subject I would have thought they would be highlighting those very vocally.

Oh, BTW chris, Chris, whatever name you’re choosing to use, and all the others, my baby brother was gay and even though I don’t approve of the lifestyle and he knew it, he knew I still loved him and more than once stood up for him, but back to the subject.

This kind of garment rending, breast beating theatrics by a commissioned officer of the U.S. military – a general – makes me so glad I’m retired. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, Doddering Uncle Joe will hold a closed door “discussion” with all his military advisors and it will be interesting to see what comes of it. I have my own thoughts but I think everyone pretty much knows what they are.

There were gay/lesbian personnel in the military and I even knew a couple, but because they kept it very low key, they were not assigned to my units (infantry) and my only contact was non-military related. I maintained a live/let live attitude. Quite honestly, if they hadn’t told me I probably never would’ve known.

I cannot speak for all, but given the way combat units have to live and operate, I would not have been able to have someone gay assigned to my combat units. The reasons are numerous and knowing how combat soldiers are, I believe 99 percent would think as I did.

This general was making statements and veiled accusations about how this could cost them “highly qualified personnel” either through their actions or actions by their dependents.  I realize I was only a dumb grunt NCO and she is a college educated general, but how about this – don’t ask, don’t tell.

The military has the duty and responsibility of protecting and defending the United States, or as we would put it, break things and kill people if necessary. The scary thing is we have high ranking officers (aka political animals in uniform) who seen to have forgotten the oath they took when commissioned.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall