Is Crime Underreported?

Dear Editor,

A very respected and long-time leader in Greensboro asked me if I could recall an shooting incident that happened about a year ago at the corner Cornwallis Drive and Elmwood Street.  Fortunately my memory serves me well!

The gentleman, a local dentist, was not killed, just shot in the shoulder with a minor injury.  I think his wife and kids were in the car.  It never showed up on Greensboro Police Department reports, which tells me many aggravated assaults and crimes in Greensboro are not reported. Figures lie and liars figure. I think crime is much worse than our leaders report.  Do you remember when city officials chose to change the bar a few years ago in comparing crimes in Greensboro from previous years? Why? To deceive you.

Much like then President Barack Obama chose to change the criteria for reporting unemployment in America.  Current Mayor Nancy Vaughan will deceive you in so many way to profess her effectiveness.  Please don’t be fooled by these meaningless claims of her accomplishments.

Jim Donaldson