Democrats Need To Demonstrate Their Support

Dear Editor,

Democrats: It’s time to demonstrate your support – one way or the other.

Recently Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin spoke in favor of gender-affirming care. Many Democrats also believe trans-gender people should be allowed to compete against actual biological women; a sexually confused biological male who thinks he is a woman should be allowed to use the locker rooms and bathrooms as actual women; and that it is okay for his flaccid or erect penis to be exposed to anybody using those facilities.

The media should ask every Democrat: “Do you want your mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter or any actual woman in your family to be forced to share a bathroom or locker room with a sexually confused biological guy who thinks he is a woman?” If they say no, that Democrat is a hypocrite for supporting sexually confused biological men who pretend to be women. If they say yes, I wonder what they hear from the actual female members of their family. Think they hear thank you? Probably not.

Ask male politicians that support sexually confused biological men using bathrooms and locker rooms with actual women, do they use woman’s bathrooms and locker rooms to show their support of transgender people. If they don’t, they must not be sexually confused men thinking they are women and instead believe in providing privacy for actual women.

It is time to put up or shut up! Let your actions demonstrate your support of privacy for women or your support for sexually confused biological men who think they are women. You can’t have it both ways.

Ken Orms


Charged For Cancelled Service

Dear Editor,

In May, my monthly bill for service from May 20 to June 19 included another stealth rate increase in less than a year.  I guess they figured out that their big annual rate increases ran off too many customers, especially that over a few years they are way up.

Now they have more competition, so I cancelled my service on June 1 and returned the equipment on the same day.  Even cancelling the service was an ordeal.  So I get the next months’ bill – a past due notice for a full month of 31 days for 13 days service.  After a heavy sigh, I phoned “customer service” on the 28th.  After patiently going over all of this with “Donna” in the Philippines, she told me that “we no longer give pro-rata credits” and that I had to pay the full amount.  Then I was threatened with collection and damage to my credit rating.

So, they want to collect money from me that they did not earn and threaten me if I didn’t pay up.  Not a chance in hell.

All this is my personal documented experience, and I would hope it would save our readers some conflict.  No wonder the internet and phone providers are hated.  A threat from them is like a badge of courage.

Miller Forester


US Military Is Being Destroyed

Dear Editor,

Army celebrates trans soldier, claims ‘coming out’ and ‘living as one’s true self’ saves lives — meanwhile, military recruiting crisis continues” – Blaze Media

A recent check of military enlistments showed the Army was down 25 percent in its numbers and I believe the Navy is reporting 10 percent. A study showed that veterans were advising their children not to enlist!

The primary mission of the military is to protect this country. How do they do that? They break things and kill people if necessary. I know that sounds crude but it’s their mission in a nutshell. Woke, whiny politicians seem intent on destroying this great country by undermining our fighting forces, turning them into a PC organization. I can’t blame people telling their children not to join. If they can’t do the job that’s been done for 200-plus years by using tried and true tactics and methods then we’re sending them to their deaths – an unnecessary and senseless death.

Did I know service members who were LGBTQ? Yes. Did they run around flaunting it? No. Would they be mistreated if they were found out? I believe so, by a few. But one thing you have to be aware of, and this applies strongly to the combat arms field, when the stuff starts flying you have to rely on those around you. I’ve had soldiers I wouldn’t trust to guard a latrine and in a firefight that can create a dangerous, deadly situation. And yes, it can include this. In these situations, trust is everything, not to mention the living conditions you are forced to endure.

My personal position is you can claim to be whatever you want as long as you (a) keep it to yourself and (b) do your job to the best of your ability. As hard as it is, I have to admit Clinton found the middle ground with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The problem now is the (National Socialist) Democrat Party has (covertly) encouraged folks to come out. Not only that, they are pushing to change the rules to force it on us.

We cannot let this continue. We are slowly destroying the greatest fighting force in the world…no, we are allowing it to happen and can and should, must stop it.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall