Fun Fourth Was A Blast And Free

Dear Editor, 

Fun Fourth in Greensboro was a blast!

I strolled the length of Elm Street on Saturday and saw thousands of smiles on my fellow Greensboroians faces celebrating our country’s independence.  Everyone was FREE to walk downtown enjoying the FREE music from five different bandstands, some wearing FREE foam liberty crowns and waving FREE American flags. 

I delighted in the various entertainment, from cute clowns making huge bubbles for kids to chase, to cute clowns on stilts in front of a giant red, white and blue balloon flag for photo ops, to amazing acrobatic aerialists, to a friendly Uncle Sam waving his flag. It was a gathering of FREE Americans of all races and ages to celebrate our good old USA and our town.

Thanks to all the volunteers, city employees, organizers, countless food vendors/trucks and our wonderful police officers who made it all possible, plus, shout out to Mother Nature for making the weather perfect.

No matter what some negative politicians say about freedom in the US, I thank God we all have “Red, White, and Blue Privilege” for having been blessed to live FREE in this great country.

Lynn Henson



Living In The Promised Land

Dear Editor,

 With the death of Melanie Rodenbough, a tireless advocate on behalf of those with little or no voice, we can reflect on her life through the words of a song by Willie Nelson that captures the essence of her mind-set that served as a relentless, driving force for her as she worked to assist immigrants through Faith Action in our city.  Ponder and the words of “Living in the Promisedland,” take them to heart and act in a like manner to honor the life and legacy of this special person:

“Give us your tired and weak
And we will make them strong
Bring us your foreign songs 
And we will sing along
Leave us your broken dreams
We’ll give them time to mend
There’s still a lot of love
Living in the Promisedland
Living in the Promisedland

Our dreams are made of steel
The prayers of every person
Are to know how freedom feels
There is a winding road
Across the shifting sand
And room for everyone
Living in the Promisedland

Give us our daily bread
We have no shoes to wear
No place to call our home
Only this cross to bear
We are the multitude
Lend us a helping hand
Is there no love anymore
Living in the Promisedland”

Bob Kollar