Schools Have To Deal With It

Dear Editor,

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party is losing its mind over the Supreme Court’s ruling eliminating “affirmative action” and the quotas in institutions of higher learning. I see this as the first step towards requiring people to achieve according to their abilities, not their race.

The whiny, crying, garment rending left is now sitting around lamenting about how this is going to be unfair, because now they will have to actually work to get anywhere. They will have to study and be held to standards in order to be able to graduate. Doddering Uncle Joe is not happy over this and even more so when Republicans canned his attempt to buy votes by offering to use taxpayer money to pay off portions of other people’s bills, something Democrats are good at. This also takes away another form of control the (NS)DP would like to use. (We paid the bill, we decide what you study.)

One thing I wonder about is if this will affect private institutions of higher learning. If they are not receiving any sort of government money then would they have to follow these directives?

The big question now is what are these schools going to try to do to get around this, and don’t think for a minute they aren’t already working on it. Also, once the word gets out this ruling will not be applicable to military academies (West Point, Air Force Academy, etc.) the uproar will be even louder. Just for the record, military schools have academic standards that don’t have flexibility. Either you meet the standards or hit the road, because people’s very lives depend on it.

I already know there will be lawsuits being filed over this but who can overrule the Supreme Court? Will there be protests on campuses? (Hey ANTIFA, we got one for you.) The ironic part of all this is southern Democrats once went to extremes to keep schools from becoming integrated to the point that the Federal government had to send in troops.

Note, by my definition there is only one race, that being human. There are sub-sets of the human race but they are all human. As the Bard once wrote, “if you prick us, do we not bleed”.

It’s going to be interesting to watch all this unfold.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall