What Republicans Really Believe

Dear Editor,

Contrary to the nonsensical ramblings in Letters To The Editor published by the Rhino Times and the News & Record a few days ago, written by an obviously easily triggered and ill-informed snowflake, Republicans believe in common sense and facts backed by real data not biased media sources.

Our Republican positions:

  • As to election integrity, we don’t believe state legislators should be allowed to put in new, arbitrary rules for elections because of a lab-created Chinese virus.  Voter fraud exists and we all know it.  We may disagree to what extent it exists, but it does exist, and it’s in the best interest of every American to have secure elections.
  • Violence and destruction, like that perpetrated by Antifa, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Everyone should pay taxes, as everyone benefits from living in the U.S.  Our current tax system punishes financially successful people and rewards those unwilling to contribute to society.
  • More gun control laws will not stop mentally ill people from killing in “gun-free zones” and elsewhere.  A gun cannot pull its own trigger.
  • Leadership is about leading from the front, not from behind, and not from the basement.  Leadership is not about censoring political opponents as we recently saw imposed by Congressional Democrats with their censorship of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Democrats don’t want to discuss ideas, because theirs are terrible.  Shutting down the free exchange of ideas is the only way they can win.
  • Climate change is real and has been occurring since the creation of planet Earth.  And it will continue to change.  More arbitrary taxes, silly policies, and forced compliance with those policies will not stop the climate from changing, warming, or cooling.
  • We want voters to be more educated, especially on the destructive policies of the Democrat Party.  Voters and politicians should put America’s interest before those of other nations and criminals.
  • Fake news is fake news.  We would like to see an unbiased media where facts are revealed, not left-leaning talking points and misinformation.
  • Decades of free handouts have created an entitlement class of people.  We need better education, not indoctrination, in our schools.  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
  • Laws that suit their purpose are ignored by the political class.  The Biden family is case in point.
  • Health care would be better and less expensive if the system were allowed to be competitive and not controlled by a government bureaucracy and subject to constraints imposed by that bureaucracy.  Job opportunities are vast right now, but many people are abusing the overly generous unemployment benefits offered through socialist-leaning policies.  Lessen the government benefits, people will go back to work, and society will thrive.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if criminals like Antifa, and other criminal organizations had respect for authority? We don’t see too many politically right-leaning people burning down cities, destroying businesses and private property in protest, and looting on a daily basis.
  • Words of caution and warning for those who continue to support the current direction of the Democrat Party: It is not the party you once knew, like that of JFK or even Bill Clinton, but rather this one is anti-democratic and heavily authoritarian.  American politicians and bureaucrats should be putting the interests of Americans before everything and everyone else.

Chris Meadows

Chairman Guilford County Republican Party