So Only Some Lives Matter

Dear Editor,

Black Lives Matters, the organization, are lying hypocrites who don’t give a damn about black lives. If they did, they would be in the streets of NYC and especially Chicago demanding action.

But even though black children, infants, are being shot and killed in outrageous numbers, they are not going to say squat for two reasons. One, those killings don’t fit their agenda, and two, and this is where they are exposed to be the lying hypocrites they are: The killers are not white male law enforcement. And anyone who buys into their lies is obviously an undereducated, brain-dead, zombie that is incapable of thinking for themselves.

And anyone who says, “all lives matter”, or “blue lives matter,” is viciously attacked by these people because their overlords have ordered them to.  Again, they are lying hypocrites who don’t really care about black lives as proven by their lack of action on behalf of these families who have lost loved ones.

The military wing of BLM, Antifa, continues to besiege the federal courthouse in Portland. Ask yourself why. Why are they so intent on destroying this courthouse? It’s because this is their Bastogne. This is their Battle of the Bulge. They took down a police precinct and for a while had their own occupied territory. That became the basis for their momentum. We took down a local police station, now it’s time to prove our real power and take down a federal building. But they could only do it if they had a compliant local government that would not interfere. If they can take down this federal building they will have the rallying event to push things nationwide.

The (National Socialist) Democrat party is also compliant in all this. Again, without their tacit approval, none of this would have gone as far as it has. They honestly believe that if and when they come to power with the help of BLM, Antifa and the other Marxist/communist organizations they are in bed with, they will be in complete charge. Wrong! They will be the first to the guillotine.

By the way, I encourage you to look up the National Socialist Party and you will understand why I use that term when referring to the Democrat Party.

Unless things change, we, the true American people, will have to once again stand on the village green and face the hordes.

Alan Marshall