Judicial Races Most Important On The Ballot

Dear Editor,

On Oct. 23, 2020, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ended the state’s requirement for ballot verification, opening the process to massive ballot fraud. The court acted in violation of state law. The court did so using Covid-19 as cover.

North Carolina elects its judges. Every election in North Carolina, thousands of voters cast their ballots without knowing anything about the judicial candidates. The judicial races are the most important and least known races on the ballot. The Supreme Court races in North Carolina in 2020 were extremely close. Judges, especially Supreme Court judges, have the final word on state law. They can, like the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, become legislators without accountability.

Judges are supposed to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but if you read the dissenting opinion to the recent firearm decision, written by Stephen Breyer, you will see that the dissenting judges did not base their opinion on the Constitution. They just don’t like guns.

The judge in the Leandro case in NC decided to take an action that the legislature would not. That is how liberals operate. That is why we must go to the polls having done our research on every race down the ballot, including the judges.

Richard D. Miller


Death By A Thousand Cuts

Dear Editor,

If there is any question of what the agenda of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party is, their latest action should clear it up.

They have proposed legislation that would limit the period of time a justice can serve on the Supreme Court. They lost control so they do what they do best – change the rules to suit them and their agenda of turning our free country into a socialist state.

Folks, if this doesn’t alert you to just how hard and close they are too literally taking over this country then you have your head buried deep in the ground or in a certain part of your anatomy.

I have been saying it for a long time and now it’s blatantly obvious. They are no longer trying to hide it. They want to turn this country into the People’s Republic of Amerikia. Laugh if you like, but try opening your eyes and looking at them and what they keep proposing. And the worst part is that so called “Republicans” (read RINOs) are working with them, and not even trying to hide it. Actually, the worst part is people are standing around letting this happen. First it was gun control legislation, helped along by RINOs, now this. It’s called death by a thousand cuts.

Then you add to all this how the ChiComs are attempting (read succeeding) in openly buying valuable land near military and industrial installations for “innocent” purposes. People (Chris) will soon start calling paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, and that’s fine. But how can you call it a theory when it’s happening right in front of your eyes?

We as a free people need to start paying more attention to what is happening around us from the local level all the way up to the federal. And we can’t allow the fact that someone has a “D” or “R” behind their name to be the final influence. Look at their actions. Look at what they do or do not support. “Professional politicians” are destroying this country. Initially they tried to at least hide it. Now you have Queen Nancy opening flaunting her exalted status hiding behind her yes-man husband to get rich in a roundabout way. If any of us tried stuff we’d be under the jail in a heartbeat.

Wake up, folks. We are allowing it; we can stop it. Don’t just get out and vote, vote intelligently.

Carpe diem, molon labe.

Alan Marshall