Lock The Door And Turn Out The Lights

Dear Editor,

In yet another example of the inmates running the asylum, members of the House are proposing the “The Equality in Our Laws Act,” which “will enshrine gender equality into the U.S. Code and send a clear message that we won’t be silenced by the right wing politicians, judges, and media goons waging a full-on assault on women and queer folks.”

Will the last sane, thinking person in this country please turn out the lights and lock the door before leaving these whack-a-doodles to their own little world.

These are elected officials, people you elected, who seem to have a very warped sense of priorities. But then given how much attention the electorate pays to the actions of these members of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party I’m not surprised.

You asked for it, you got it so, bend over and repeat after me: ”Thank you, sir, may I have another, please!”

We have a border that is looser than a soup sandwich, cities where children run rampant with no punishment, a president whose family members are hip deep in strong arm tactics, and finally, the same president refuses to acknowledge the existence of his granddaughter.  I won’t go into the curing cancer thing.

The only thing scarier than all this is that it’s becoming more obvious is that doddering Uncle Joe is only a couple of steps from being impeached. Things are starting to look more and more like the (NS)DP is going to have to give in and go with the impeachment or risk losing any control in Congress they could hope to retain. I know there are some out there (Chris, chris, whatever other name you want to use) that will come to the defense of this man. Can you say rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

On top of all this, a couple of polls have come out showing as many voters are starting to look seriously at a third party as the two established parties combined. In my opinion this is encouraging, and maybe the “professional politicians” are starting to become worried. One can only hope.

I am hoping this is a sign the silent majority has finally had enough and are ready to start putting these clowns (i.e. politicians) and idiots (i.e. criminals) behind bars for years, not months or days,

Maybe sanity is making an honest to goodness attempt at a comeback.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall