Liked The Old GOP

Dear Editor,

I’m a long-time Democrat who believes in a strong and viable two-party system with good public servants in both parties, because that is essential in furthering a government with the best interests of the people a top priority.  In the past, I’ve respected many elected Republican office holders and I mostly just disagreed with their conservative spending approach.  This party of old was strong on conserving and protecting our natural resources, maintaining a clear stance against foreign dictators and patriotic with respect for authority, the Constitution and the laws of the land.  That Republican Party is gone and I feel for my Republican friends who have watched their party abandon them.  

I hope for the day when we can return to the likes of Sen. Arthur Vandenberg, who died in 1951.  This Republican was eulogized by then President Harry Truman as “A patriot who always subordinated partisan advantage and personal interest to the welfare of the Nation.  In his passing the Senate has lost a pillar of strength in whom integrity was implicit in every decision he made.  He formed his opinions only after deliberate study of every aspect of every issue that come before him.  His courage was fortified by a good conscience.  So he had no fear of the consequences to his personal fortunes when the time came to differ from men of great power and influence within his own party.”

Will it ever be so again?

Bob Kollar