Appalled At Fighting Dog Photo

Dear Editor,

I am appalled that you would choose to use a picture of two muzzled pitbulls for your story about the man arrested in High Point for animal cruelty.  All you have done is reinforce the public’s negative opinion of the breed and maybe even prevented potential adopters from considering those dogs at the shelter.

Dozens of volunteers and shelter staff spend countless hours at the Guilford County Animal Resource Center walking dogs (many of which are pit mixes) and providing much-needed enrichment for them.  These dogs crave love and attention just like any dog and deserve better publicity.  The man who was breeding and training them to fight is the one who should be vilified. Guilford County, we have got to do better by the animals in our care, in our shelter and in our community.

Gail Williams



God Has A Sense Of Humor

Dear Editor,

Exactly one year to the day after our simple-minded president declared, “You’re not going to get COVID if you get these vaccinations” (7/21/21), the feeble old fool tests positive for the disease.

God has a terrific sense of humor.

Austin Morris



President Should Oppose All Dictators

Dear Editor,

Did you see the picture of “our” resident giving a fist-bump to the dictator of Saudi Arabia? At least he didn’t dance with the dictator like former President Trump. I think that it is a shame that we have never had a president that was willing to oppose all dictators. We never will as long as the two-party system rules our country. Appeasing dictators is wrong.

Chuck Mann



Vote Like Greensboro’s Future Depends On It

Dear Editor,

It is hard (and sad) to believe that the election for Greensboro City Council is projected to have a low turnout of voters which is normal. First of all folks, these are not normal times and certainly not for the City of Greensboro. Our city is controlled by a few citizens on the City Council who seem to forget that they work for us and for the last two decades we have allowed them to indulge in that very idea.

This council has now reached the level where they have passed the highest increase in property tax rates in the nation with little regard to how many of its citizens will be able to pay these taxes. Surely these councilmembers are not so well funded that this huge increase will not be somewhat of a burden for them to handle.

What were they thinking when they voted to tax the citizens like this? Are we as citizens not concerned about where all the funds from the last decade have been spent? Do we care that tax dollars are spent by many on council to “special interest groups” which has not shown to benefit our city or citizens in any manner?  Why do so many seem not to be concerned in the least that we continue to be taxed more and more and yet the services are less and less?

As citizens of a city most of us truly care for, are we not disturbed by the increase in crime and violence? Are we not upset that we are currently 140 plus short in the number of law enforcement police officers needed to effectively protect Greensboro? Are we not even more disturbed that our law enforcement receives little support or respect from the council and there seems to be no urgency to hire or retain good, qualified officers? Are we satisfied to watch the local news or read the local papers and see where shootings have become a daily occurrence, private property is constantly stolen, more officers have moved on to areas where the pay is better and they are respected and supported?

If the issues stated in this letter have been on your mind and you do care about our city, this may be your last chance to place people on our City Council who will work for us and do the job we elect them to do. Please vote Chris Meadows for mayor (write in) Zack Matheny District 3, Thurston Reeder District 4, Tony Wilkins District 5 and Katie Rossabi at large. Vote like Greensboro’s future depends on it, because the truth is, it does!

Peggy Waye