You Asked For It, You Got It

Dear Editor,

The losing side of these “hearings” taking place in the cesspool laughingly called the Congress of the United States demonstrates how the Democrat Party, both the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and the reasonably minded members of that party, know they are on the losing side so if they can’t win they won’t play by the rules.

During these hearings, the overwhelming majority of the Democrats would go into attempts to make the hearings about the Trump administration because they had no argument to counter what the actual subject is. Some did make an attempt to stay on subject but were a very small number.  I myself find these overgrown children and their actions embarrassing and wish we had the Honorable Howard Coble back.

I already know where chris, Chris, and whatever other names he/she uses is going to go, screaming I’m a Trump supporter. Wrong! I currently lean towards DeSantis so that ends that line of whining.

My main point in all of this is as I’m watching this circus they have the gall to call hearings that taxpayers are paying for, is more like a daycare center with no adult supervision. More than ever I remember back to an earlier letter I wrote where my solution was to build a wall without doors around this zoo, put up dummy cameras and let these clowns entertain themselves while We the People elect folks who will actually do what is supposed to be done in accordance with the wishes of the electorate.

And by the way, just to put this into a perspective we can currently relate to, these people are paid a salary of $174,000 a year, and this does not include all the various perks and other things they receive. Also look at how many come out worth millions.

Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this, and I will say IMO the Democrats carry more guilt than Republicans. Watching these hearings has and is disgusting to me and we as Americans should make it known. The worst part of all this is the closer you get to the voter, starting at the federal level and moving down to the local level the less it is a circus. There is some of this at the state, county and municipal level but nowhere near what we see in the federal level. You asked for it, you got it.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall