Kennedy Assassination Files Still Secret

Dear Editor,

I think that it is a shame that some information about the assassination of JFK is still classified.

It seems that the CIA was running some kind of operation around Lee Harvey Oswald while President Kennedy was still alive. I wonder what the CIA was up to? For some reason the Biden administration doesn’t want us to know.

All information about the JFK assassination should be declassified.

Chuck Mann


What Tax Rate Decrease?

Dear Editor,

Did anyone else see Nancy Vaughn speak of a tax rate decrease?

I have to call BS.

When was the last time they did that?

Tim Gray


Boat Registration Sites Closed

Dear Editor,

The state of NC closed it online boat registration site to make way for the new and fee-based system to get your boat registration.

They also closed all local boat registration sites at Walmart and local hardware stores. You know we just cannot have folks bypassing the fee-based state system, now can we. The new fee is $6 per transaction. For those not money wise, this is a 20 percent tax or fee for a boat registration. And, wow, no notice about this in any news. None. The thief-o-crats are alive and well in Raleigh NC.

Stephen Coe


Worst Latham Park Concert Ever

Dear Editor,

Just another brilliant move by the city leaders of Greensboro?

The Latham Park neighborhood once had a sense of pride. We all enjoyed getting together every year with a Sunday night concert in the park with our neighbors. Last night’s concert in Latham Park was the worst ever in the history of concerts in Latham Park and most of the neighbors didn’t even attend. In fact, very few people at all even attended.

Wonder why? A black gospel group speaking more about saving you than playing music and singing? Such a wonderful venue and opportunity to provide joy for neighborhood families and their children simply wasted. What a disgrace the City of Greensboro has become.

Jim Donaldson