Bonds Aren’t Free

Dear Editor,

The Greensboro budget includes $12 million to repay five bonds the city wants voters to approve.  It will take 20 years to repay them.  At $12 million a year, the total cost of the five bonds will be $240 million.  Just think, borrow $135 million, repay $240 million.

When you buy a home or car, banks are required to give you information about the total cost of your mortgage or car payments.  However, the Democrat controlled Greensboro City Council has intentionally hidden this information from you.

Greensboro property tax rates are increasing by 30 percent, the highest rate increase in the US.  Now the Democrat controlled Greensboro council wants to put you $240 million further in debt,

Democrats are not happy until they take all your money and put you in $240 million in debt.  Kids not yet born will enter the world owing money the Democrats want to spend.

Throw all the liberal Democrats out of office.  Do it now!  Vote for Chris Meadows, write in candidate for mayor, Katie Rossabi for at large, Thurston Reeder in District 4 and Tony Wilkins in District 5. Vote no on all five bonds.

Ken Orms



Mark Robinson For Governor

Dear Editor,

We are quickly approaching the time of electing a new governor who will be responsible for getting this state not just in a stronger position but leading us to a better place within the US. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is the man we need to get us there.

I’ve already been seeing ugly personal attacks against Mark (Chris) and expect more as the campaign progresses. I’ve known Mark since before he got involved in politics and spent time with him discussing various issues, political and non-political. We don’t always agree but that is not very often.

Mark has strong Christian values and stands strong on them. But he also knows that not everyone has those same beliefs and values. He knows that governing requires some give and takes but will not give in just to get along. He will  hold to his core beliefs and will fight for what he truly believes is right for the people of N.C.

I know there are going to be personal attacks against him because the (National Socialist) Democrat party has no other options. They can’t win on facts so they’ll look for dirt. I have seen and heard some of these attacks against not just Mark but his wonderful wife, Yolanda, and that should be the sign (National Socialist) Democrats know they can’t win otherwise.

Mark is human like the rest of us and has made mistakes in his life. My answer to those that will use ugly things: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Like all of us Mark will stand strong to his beliefs and if he is proven wrong on a stand he will step back, reassess his position based on information, and if he is wrong he will say so, and then takes steps to change only what needs to be changed. But Mark will not make changes just because of “political expediency.”

Mark Robinson will make his decisions based on what is best for the people of N.C. not what is politically expedient.

We need Mark Robinson in the governor’s office

God Bless America and the great state of North Carolina.

Alan Marshall