Tired Of Incompetent Democrats On City Council

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the Democrat controlled Greensboro City Council.  Thanks to their financial mismanagement and ignorance, along with their total disregard for every citizen, Greensboro now has the highest percent increase in property rates in the entire United States.  The 30 percent tax rate increase in Greensboro is higher than in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle and every other city in the country.  A recent report by Agent Advice confirms this is true.

Just to make sure Greensboro keeps its position as having the highest property tax rate increase in the country, the Democrat controlled City Council wants you to approve five bond issues.  These five bonds-yes that’s right – five bonds – will put every single Greensboro citizen even further in debt and will require more and higher taxes.  Are you kidding me?

Are you tired of these incompetent democrats taxing you, ignoring you, mismanaging your money, and putting you in debt for the next 30 to 40 years?  It is time to kick Nancy and her Democrat cohorts to the curb and stand up.  It’s time to vote for Republicans.  Vote to elect Chris Meadows, write in candidate for mayor, Katie Rossabi for the at-large seat, Thurston Reeder in District 4 and Tony Wilkins in District 5.  These Republicans will protect you and your family.  They will bring sanity and wisdom to city finances.  Republicans will not raise your taxes.

Ken Orms


City Should Enforce Building Codes

Dear Editor,

This is my sixth request of the City of Greensboro to enforce building codes on storm water drain violations!

Why hasn’t anything been done? My neighbor at 1200 Hill St. has had an ongoing construction project going on two years. He is hydro-excavating, sending mud and debris down our stormwater drains in obvious violation of all city building codes and stormwater guidelines. Yet the City of Greensboro chooses not to do anything?

Why? There is also mud and construction debris on his sidewalks, making them dangerous to the public. Once again the City of Greensboro chooses not to address these issues despite my repeated complaints. And you wonder why Latham Park is a repetitive flood zone.

All this mud and construction debris funnels straight to Latham Park, contributing to more flood damage.

In addition, the Cridland Road bridge built circa 1930, is a huge restriction to flow, causing more flooding between Wendover Avenue and the Cridland Road bridge. Any urologist could easily explain what damage restriction to flow will do to you.

Greensboro has decided not to enforce all laws, all building codes, and all ordinances. This is why we need new leadership.

Please vote for a change!

Jim Donaldson