Democrats Are Killing Us

Dear Editor,

Property taxes have taken a dramatic increase over last year.  Democrats are killing us with taxes and inflation.  Friends and Amigos, vote for the Republican party this year in protest.

Rich Moore



Atheism Has No Answers

Dear Editor,

As the spectacular images of the Webb telescope are received, one cannot help but be awed.

The light we are seeing predates humanity on this earth, and it displays a majesty and magnificence that can only be divine.

Atheists and agnostics often like to claim that they are rational and logical as they embrace “science” and mock religious faith as “fairy stories” and bunk.

But Christian faith is the most logical exposition of human existence.   I would hate to be an atheist and have to defend the proposition that “nothing + nothing = everything.”

Believers can readily agree on the scientific concept of the “Big Bang,” because we do not conflate the mechanism with the purpose, the how with the why.

I accept the Big Bang Theory, along with most atheists.  The question is: What caused the Big Bang?

Austin Morris