Mayor Vaughan Puts Greensboro First

Dear Editor,

I have a unique perspective many don’t have: I talk to voters for a living. Having worked on and managed campaigns for Greensboro City Council, president of the United States, and everywhere in-between, I talk to a lot of voters. I get to hear citizens talk about the issues that are important to them, and the things that matter to them and their families. Though every voter is as unique as a snowflake, there is one binding theme to the conversations I have with voters all across the country: Voters are an often-worried group of people.

When I talk to voters, they share their worries with me. They’re worried about the economy, they’re worried about public safety, and they’re worried about what their quality of life will be a year from now. A lot of candidates talk about hope and optimism, but when voters have the opportunity to speak directly to a member of their local campaign team about what’s important to them, they don’t talk about what they “hope” will happen. They talk about what they fear will happen if we don’t elect leaders that are competent, leaders that are battle-tested, and leaders that know how to lead when leadership counts. For Greensboro voters, the person who quells those worries and works to make way for hope, is Mayor Nancy Vaughan.

Since Mayor Vaughan was last elected in 2017, Greensboro has gone through unprecedented hardship after unprecedented hardship. Voters are worried about what will come next. The voters of Greensboro will have to choose between three candidates for Mayor when they go to vote on July 26th: They can choose to write in the name of a political party operative who decided to run for mayor a few weeks ago, they can choose a City Councilmember who has had to recuse himself from votes more than 80 times since becoming a member of the City Council, or they can vote for a Mayor who has led her city through a series of unprecedented challenges with grit and determination. I think the choice is clear.

For Mayor Vaughan, Greensboro always comes first. She’s not tied down by business, political, or personal interests, and you always know where she stands. Most importantly, she has the experience and know-how to deal with the issues that voters I talk to every day are worried about. That’s why I’m supporting the re-election of Mayor Nancy Vaughan. I’m looking forward to seeing the Mayor, and her five labs, around at City Hall for another four years.

Dominic Patafie