Innocent Dog Shot Dead By Police

Dear Editor,

I’m a door-to-door salesman. I’ve been knocking on doors in North Carolina for over 30 years. I meet dogs as a stranger on a daily basis, and I have been seriously bitten just one time. And my jeans took more of a hit than I did.

Once. In 30 years.

On Sunday morning, the High Point police were called about a stray German shepherd dog who was not being aggressive but had gotten lost.

The responding cop was directed to an innocent home, and an innocent dog, that had nothing to do with the stray. So he shot the innocent dog – four times.

The murdered dog was a black lab, one of the most gentle and inoffensive breeds of dog that there is, and the big tough law enforcement officer claims he (or she) was physically threatened by this puppy.

What a crock. What BS.  Are these people the brave “Thin Blue Line” of courageous souls who separate us from anarchy? Or pathetic cowards hiding behind a badge?

What does this tell us about the law enforcement officer involved? And what does it tell us generally about the type of people who are drawn to law enforcement?

Psychologists categorize them as “low intelligence/high control” types. These people were the schoolyard bullies, and they find their fantasies fulfilled in parading around as heroes, with all the might of the state behind their badge, and the power of a pistol on their hip.

But are they heroes or cowards, like all bullies?

I deal with half-a-dozen dogs a day and never have I been in fear of serious physical harm, particularly by a softie black lab.

Our deification of, and reverence for police officers is entirely misplaced.

They are jerks. Power intoxicated, control freak, stupid, swaggering jerks.

And one of them shot dead a family dog, for no reason.

What a hero.

“The more I know people, the more I like dogs.”

Austin Morris