Banning Chokeholds Raises Question


Dear Editor,

After George Floyd died, many enthusiastically supported choke hold bans.  I did too. 

Weeks later, Jacob Blake was shot while resisting arrest.  Critics questioned why police didn’t use non-lethal methods.  The police tried.  They wrestled him to the ground.  They shot a stun gun at him.  However, the criticism demands the question, would a properly applied choke hold, upon his entering the vehicle with a knife and children in the back seat, sufficiently immobilized Jacob Blake avoided the shooting? 

Would it have been more appropriate to use a less lethal choke hold than a more lethal gun?  Perhaps, looking back, banning choke holds was an illogical knee jerk reaction to an emotional event that too many of us fell for?

Alan Burke




American Society To Be Revamped

Dear Editor,

The constitutional republic system of government that made this country the world leader in a relatively short period of time – is boned.

The socialist barbarians are no longer at the gates, they’ve breached them. They’ve already began the revamping of American society into a genderless, agnostic, proletariat that will be ruled by what was once our “elected leaders” and their various minions, toadies and flying monkeys. Unless you have been a willing thrall, you will be considered a peon whose only purpose is to serve what will now be referred to as our “elected rulers.”  Only if you kowtow to their societal rules will you be allowed to participate, as it were, in their “workers’ paradise.”

As a conservative/Republican (a true Republican, not a RINO) that has worked their whole life, sacrificing, attempting to give others a hand up, not a hand out, you are going to see all that go down the drain along with everything our ancestors worked, fought and died for to make the United States of America great.

When you see the U.S. Congress begin to adopt the asinine concept of genderless language into its official business, when you see a supposed Methodist minister glorifying other deities, putting them on an equal level with God, and then closing his prayer with “Amen and A woman” you are witnessing the first step towards destroying religious freedom. You have to wonder if he was ordained by sending off a dozen box tops.

Everything we have accomplished under President Trump in four years is about to come crashing down and will happen in a fraction of the time it took to get done. Our foreign policy will revert to the weak laughing stock we were under Dear Leader. On the domestic front, bureaucrats and anarchists will drive policy.

The next two years for conservatives/Republicans are going to seem like the 40 years the Israelites spent wandering the desert. The main difference is we don’t have a Moses figure to lead us, at least right now. And that’s assuming that we can ever have free and fair elections in this country again. But we cannot just rollover and give up. We have to stand strong, learn from the errors and, if necessary, fight to maintain our rights as given to us under the ultimate laws of our land, the founding documents

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Alan Marshall