More Messed Up Than A Soup Sandwich

Dear Editor,

So let me see if I have this right.  People enter this country illegally, are caught (read give themselves up), put up in facilities in the border states on taxpayers (i.e. you and me) dime, are given free rides to New York (And don’t try to tell me they are forced to go. I have yet to see anyone boarding those buses at gunpoint.), where they are put in very, very expensive hotels on the taxpayers’ dime, provided everything they could need, again on the taxpayers’ dime, and what happens? The food we the taxpayers provide is thrown away because it’s not “cultural” and the place is trashed. Oh, and now the crowning addition – when it comes time to be moved to a taxpayer built facility with everything they could need, they complain and refuse to go, nearly rioting. And what does the local government do? They bring in negotiators to try to convince them to move.

Is it just me or does anybody else believe that’s more screwed up than a soup sandwich? But the more important question is why we, the American taxpayers, put up with it? And yes, I say we because federal tax dollars are involved as well. Not on the scale of the amount of local taxes, but you know we the people are having our hard earned, confiscated tax dollars into this as well.

As for this million plus dollar facility they are being moved to, I know there are homeless vets that would practically sell their souls for the opportunity to have a facility like this, but those that made sacrifices for their country are being treated as third class citizens. The illegals get free bus and ferry passes but the serfs in New York must pay. Apparently if you break the law you get rewarded and cared for free, but if you fought for it too bad, so sad, you’re treated like trash.

Here’s an off the wall, wild idea for getting rid of those that cross illegally. Since the Mexican government does little to stop them, how about we load them on C-130 aircraft, fly them back into Mexico using unimproved landing strips. Remember, these aircraft can fly low under most radar and have short landing capability. I know, this is an off the wall idea but what can I say, desperate times, desperate measures. Just a crazy thought.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall


Limit Police Power

Dear Editor,

What those five police officers did to Tyre Nichols was shameful and disgusting. No human being should treat another human being that way. Law enforcement officials have the power to take away your life, liberty, property and end your pursuit of happiness. There must be limits on police power.

One step in the right direction would be to have a national law, constitutional amendment or police union rule that states that any law enforcement official who takes a life can no longer work in law enforcement. There are other reforms that can be enacted. Police officers should be limited to 10 years on the job. Instead of defunding the police, how about de-unionizing the police?

Police officers should be public servants, but instead they consider us all to be perpetrators, and persons of interest.

Chuck Mann