Frog Boiling

Dear Editor,

The House of Representative portion of the Republican Party is strongly contributing to the continuing destruction of this great country by acting like a bunch of butt hurt, whiny children. And I’m just not talking about those that I have consistently labeled as “professional politicians.”

You can bet that there is wheeling and dealing going on behind the curtain with stuff like, “oh, support me and I’ll see you get a committee appointment,” or “you know, when it comes time to hand out taxpayer money …” More and more they, all of them are showing that they are anything but “representatives” of the people. There are a few exceptions, but they are not the ones that get all the attention they deserve.

More and more the Republican Party, on the national level, is starting to look and act like the (National Socialist) Democrat Party in that they only are concerned about certain people. And the House of Representatives, the portion of the government that is there to be the voice of the people, is simply not caring about us anymore. Both chambers of Congress are forgetting, or simply ignoring, the fact that they are there for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to be the voice of the people and the states, not special interests. And again, I put a healthy portion of the blame on voters who either blindly vote or, worse yet, don’t vote at all. As I’ve always said, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.

You’ve heard the old saying about how to boil a frog and that is what is happening to us on a national level. I know the government run schools don’t want to teach American government and history because it would mean people would start learning how they are slowly reverting to the situation that brought about the American Revolution and if that were to happen again our overlords would be in deep trouble.

We the people allowed this to happen, and we the people can correct it by holding these “representatives” feet to the fire by making it clear we can and will fire them at the next opportunity, but given the apathy in this country I don’t anticipate that happening any time soon.

The fire under the pot will just keep getting hotter and hotter until it’s too late.

Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall