Classified Documents Are Supposed To Be Controlled

Dear Editor,

There’s much in the news about the mishandling of classified material by high ranking people, both Democrats and Republicans. One of them was former Vice President Pence, who claims he “forgot” and to his defense the box was reported to have been sealed when found.

Trump didn’t try to play dumb about it and is in fact the only one that at least had some level of authorization to at least have it in his possession outside of the secure facility, but as to if he was fully authorized to have it at his home is still being argued.

Then there’s doddering Uncle Joe.

Like Pence, he did not have the authorization to remove or retain classified material as has been found. Remember, all this took place when he was VP, not president, and in fact it even goes back to when he was a senator. While the material that was found on Trump’s property was in one place and was actually secured, Joe’s stuff was found in multiple places, in one case in a garage with his Vet out in the open where his drugged addled son and God knows who else had access to it.

The question I have is what about the people that are responsible for maintaining and controlling this stuff. What kind of control were they supposed to exercise? What about their accountability?

When I was in the military and had to handle classified material I had to sign it out and then sign it back in again. If I tried to walk out with it I was slammed up against the wall, handcuffed and walked to the stockade. You’re not allowed to leave the facility until all material is accounted for. After a joint forces command exercise in a facility I once worked in, I was making a sweep of the area after everybody left and found a folder with real time, as in 2-3 days old, information on a Navy aircraft carrier’s equipment status, including aircraft and weapons status.

Why didn’t anybody check the logs to ensure material signed out was returned? I mean look at Uncle Joe. He had stuff for how long…years? But again, why was there no inventory control at the facility? I have yet to hear anybody question that.

There’s a lot more to all this that isn’t being discussed or questioned.  I wonder why? Questions need asking.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall