Biden Backed Into A Corner On Illegal Immigration

Dear Editor,

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their puppet figurehead Uncle Joe, have now backed themselves into a corner with the illegal immigrant situation.

Taxpayer funded schools being shut down to allow for the housing of illegals, they are being housed in airports; taxpayer money is being used to pay for private hotels. And anybody who thinks the former Hebrew Academy isn’t being prepared for the same reason is living in (NS)DP dream world.

The Texas border town has rapidly become the focal point for showing how ineffective Uncle Joe and his merry band of Socialists really are. The Texas government has taken over one of the most active locations of illegal crossings in the state and shown how the job should be done. Now Biden is talking about trying to get around their lack of backbone by nationalizing the Texas National Guard, taking it away from the governor and making them thralls of the Fed. Unfortunately the outcome will likely not be in the favor of the state. The real question is how the rank and file of the Guard will react. Will they declare any orders given by the Feds as illegal and refuse (legitimately) to obey them? If they do, how far down the ranks will the (NS)DP take the punishment?

Sleepy Uncle Joe and his (NS)DP handlers have a very high profile problem that they can’t hide. They can’t put their socialist spin on this because the whole story is getting out there, not just their version. What happens here and now will be known and seen by everybody. Their BS spin doctors (aka the MSM) won’t be able to hide this.

The only thing missing, and someone needs to correct this, is to have a replica of the Alamo built there as a symbol of just how strongly the people of Texas, and the United States, feel about the situation. Yes, the Alamo fell after only a couple of days once the fight started, but look at its effect on American history. It stands with Lexington and Concord as a symbol of American backbone.

This is going to be an interesting fight. Sleepy Uncle Joe and his puppet masters will not be able to overwhelmingly control the media spin. How about a drinking game? A shot for every MAGA reference made. I give it 20 minutes to get everybody falling down drunk.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall


Trump Needs To Address Issues

Dear Editor,

Candidate Donald Trump is running his campaign so far as a character attack on other candidates, calling them incompetent, making fun of them, making up names for them.  He has not addressed in any way the important problems in today’s world.  He needs to tell the American people in a debate against Nikki Haley how he would address these important issues.

What is Trump’s plan for dealing with Social Security, probably the most important domestic issue in our country.

Does Trump support a nationwide ban on abortion?  If so, what are the details of his plan?

How, exactly, would Trump solve the border crisis?  He never got the wall built.

What would he do about Israel and Gaza?  How would he deal with Iran and its surrogates like the Houthis?

How would Trump solve the war between Russia and Ukraine?  Would he stop supporting NATO?  Would he support new members of NATO?

Would Trump support  Taiwan as an independent nation, or would he give it to China?

Trump proposes a 10 percent tariff on goods imported to US?  What does that mean for American consumers?

Enough with character assassination, lies, derogatory nicknames and the like.  It’s time to get serious and give the American people answers to the most important questions facing us.  Trump needs to stop making fun of the clothes Haley wears, and allow voters to see where they differ on the real issues of the day.

James Bennett


Be Prepared And Vote

Dear Editor,

It is time to prepare for the primary elections on March 5. Many Americans agree that there is a myriad of large issues. It is time we, as a country, acted by voting. The turnout for elections in Guilford County for the last couple of local contests has been between 12 percent and 17 percent.

It takes research, which takes time, to be properly prepared to vote. Should such decisions be based on what your friend or neighbor says? How do you choose? I propose voters refocus on qualifications and records. Any serious candidate has either a website or a Facebook page listing their positions and a method to contact them. Many mailers are arriving at homes every day now. Forums are being presented either in person or electronically. There is information out there for those who want to know.

Some voters choose not to participate in the primary elections. Many times, the real contest is in those primaries. Are you going to let others “narrow the field” for you, eliminating the candidate you would have chosen? The complaint that there is no one worth choosing is common. If that is a concern, please vote in the primary. For instance, in the upcoming primary election there are ten candidates vying for governor of NC and thirteen competing for lieutenant governor.

It is a privilege and a responsibility to be a citizen of the most amazing country on the planet. It is time for every one of us to recognize our role in making this country function though the relatively painless process of being an informed voter. Thousands of Americans have died or suffered loss to give that privilege to us today. Do not be a hitch-hiking citizen enjoying the quality of life of America with no effort or commitment in return.

Lynn Andrew