Wrongthinking Not A Crime, Yet

Dear Editor,

As the global depopulationists meet for their annual confab in Switzerland, they wrestle with what they see as the greatest threats to humanity. In this era of destabilization where conflicts are erupting all over the World and China is preparing to attack Taiwan, they have announced that the most serious threat we face is…. disinformation. That’s the Left’s term for speech of which they disapprove.

Don’t laugh. Don’t think this announcement will not affect us. NBC News promptly promoted a piece about the threat of disinformation. NBC Dateline previously attached firecrackers to the fuel lines of Chevy trucks and T-boned them, then exclaiming that they spontaneously exploded. These people selectively edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him look like a racist. And they dare to deplore “disinformation”…

This is the abolition of our right to free speech. It has gone much further in Europe. In Britain you will be charged with a hate crime if you dare to say something negative about Muslims, non-whites, or “New Britons.” People lower their voices in pubs when they dare to whisper agreement with sentiments that I have forthrightly expressed. They have been cowed into submission. I have the ability to disappear from the country. They don’t. That’s the sort of thing we used to mock in the USSR.

It’s more difficult here because of the First Amendment, so our Deep State employs the subterfuge of using private companies to suppress “wrongthink.”  I myself have been permanently banned by Facebook… three times (using different variations of my name). I expressed no profanity, racial or religious hatred, or crudeness. My crime was that I won arguments with Leftists.

The WEF is a real and present threat to our liberties. Many of our “leaders” are agents of the WEF, including Nikki Haley who is one of their “Young Global Leaders.” “Young Global Leaders” like Haley and Justin Trudeau, are expected to infiltrate Western governments and implement the WEF’s globalist/Marxist/environmentalist agenda.

It’s a sad reflection on the GOP that she is so prominent.

The next Presidential election is crucial.

It’s Us v. Them.

If we don’t get Trump back in the White House, we’re finished. I know, because my birth country is already finished (UK). A century ago it ruled 25 percent of the World’s population and 30 percent of its land. Now it’s essentially a Third World Country that pretends it’s still a First World Power.

But here we still have a chance.

“If there is hope, it lies in the proles.”

Austin Morris


Remember Our Guiding Principles

Dear Editor,

As we enter the election season, it’s an appropriate time to examine our individual beliefs and behaviors.  The Letter of James offers guidance: “You must understand this, my beloved: let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for anger does not produce God’s righteousness.”

We need to remember who we are and the guiding principles we were taught at an early age and look for the same characteristics in those running for elected office.  Seek out those who view themselves as public servants who have as a sole purpose to listen carefully to others and then address their needs in a spirit of compromise and caring to accomplish the tasks at hand.

The future of our state and country depend on informed and knowledgeable voters to make sound decisions to further the common good.  Keeping our freedoms and way of life depend upon it.  Our very democracy is in danger and we stand at a crossroads.  The decision is in your hands.

Bob Kollar