Somebody Has To Pay For Healthcare

Dear Editor,

The progressive, socialist, left leaning liberals in the Democrat party are taking what they perceive as a mandate and running with it. They have started implementing their hare brained socialized medicine plans acting like Doctor Frankenstein trying to reanimate the corpse called Obamacare.

The worst is California, which by the way is proposing a tax on drinking water of all things, where Duke Newsome, Son of Moonbeam has directed healthcare for all and declared you will pay for it or else your lands will be impounded, your livestock confiscated and you will end up in chains. On the other end of the country is NYC where the Lord de Blasio is doing something similar.

I am going to ask the same question everyone has asked repeatedly. Who is going to be pay for all this and how? Additionally, where are all the required resources, the doctors, nurses, facilities, equipment, supplies going to come from. How are they going to ensure everyone gets the same level and quality of healthcare they are currently getting? Has anybody asked why people from other countries that currently have forms of socialized medicine are flocking here and other places where that type of health care doesn’t exist?

The only obvious answer is a system of rationing of the finite resources available. You already see it in countries like Great Britain where people wait for weeks, months, or in some cases years for what we see as basic, necessary procedures. People have died waiting. Yet when asked about this aspect of it, the left dodges the question, blustering and trying to deflect answering by changing the subject. If pinned down by being forced to answer they cannot. They would be forced to acknowledge the truth which is it won’t work.

The biggest argument they make is the cost of healthcare as it is currently structured. The two biggest answers are overly intrusive government regulations and the insurance companies, but there as many more. Nevertheless, it all still goes back to the same basic questions…who will pay for it and where will the resources come from. And as always, the progressive socialists will reply “Government”.

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, wisely pointed out socialists are generous with other people’s money. Socialists consider all money the government’s, regardless of who and how it was earned.

The socialist mantra…”Gimme, gimme, gimme”

Go Galt and save the Republic

Alan Marshall



The Real Issue

Dear Editor,

This is a systems issue.

Over the past two decades thousands of jobs migrated south of the boarder to take advantage of low wages, poor environmental control, and low government interference.  What jobs remained are low paying service jobs.  At the same time, we imported workers from south of the border.  While the pay is low by our standards, it is high for those illegally migrating.  This has depressed wages.  The middle class has evaporated.  Many Americans who would have previously been employed in well-paying manufacturing jobs are dependent on expensive government aid.

We continue to poor more tax money into programs to maintain quality of life.  Higher taxes incentivize factories to leave.  This is a process issue that will continue if not corrected.

Let’s be honest.  Most of the individuals fleeing here are seeking higher standard of living. They would rather work at a GM plant in the US than a GM plant in their home country.

How do we solve this issue?

Build a wall and renegotiate trade agreements.  Building a wall will stabilize service industry wages.  The jobs “nobody wants” will be more lucrative with less imported competition.

Since most of the “jobs nobody wants” are held by minorities this will free many minority populations from government dependence.  It will reduce the tax  burden.  Renegotiating trade deals is a must to increase the quality of life in the receiving countries.

Many governments receiving our factory jobs benefit from poor working conditions, low wages, and environmental mismanagement.  What taxes are generated go into corrupt politicians pockets to maintain strict control.  Many of those upset at the poor conditions believe it is easier to flee here.  This result is fewer individuals available to protest government corruption.

You cannot protest without  people.

We are allowing those governments to ignore the need for improved accountability.  We need to use what power we have as the largest economy in the world to ensure countries we trade with have worker protection, environmental protection, and a minimum wage.

Politicians benefit from this unsustainable situation.  Those receiving aid are hopelessly dependent on politician’s crumbs every two to six years.  Sanctuary areas receive higher populations, greater apportionment of representation, and more taxes from other states.  Corrupt countries get to ignore accountability. Companies get higher margins.

Every American citizen gets caught in the middle.

We voted for the president of the US not leader of the world.

Alan Burke