Greensboro Supports Racism

Dear Editor

The City of Greensboro is supporting racism and political bias by producing “Nice White Parents 2016” by Tamara Kissane. In the play former President Trump is called a “joke,” a “nightmare,” and his voters are called “stupid.”  The black parents in the play are stereotyped as hating Trump while adoring Black Lives Matter. The white parents in the play are called racist since they are unsure if they support Black Lives Matter.

Parents in the play decide their children should not be friends with children that have Trump supporters as parents. A black parent ends a friendship with a white parent because the white parent is not comfortable with her children being in BLM marches at school.

White parents are blamed at the end of the play – presumably for causing police brutality. The play asserts that the pledge of allegiance is evil and should be replaced.

Our public tax dollars should not be used to produce plays with partisan political agendas. This play professes to be against racism, but it promotes stereotypes and discrimination. Content in the arts should bring us together instead of dividing us.

Chris Sullivan


Common Sense In Short Supply

Dear Editor,

“What this country needs is an enema.”

Actually, what this country needs is an extremely large overdose of common sense. Why do I say this?  Read this headline and say you still don’t understand

“Video: ‘Jesus Saves’ shirt is ‘offending’ Mall of America shoppers, security guard says — and he orders man to remove shirt or get out of the mall”

Sorry for overreacting, but not only has this country gone to hell in a handbasket, but there’s a hole in it and the handle just broke. And if that’s not enough, about a year ago the Mall hosted a drag show for “all ages” in the rotunda.

What makes it worse is that this isn’t an isolated incident. We’re seeing things like this happening way too often all over. Fortunately, there are people and places which have the intestinal fortitude to tell them to stick it where the sun never shines. Not enough for me, but there are still some commonsense people out there.

What I cannot understand is why people willingly roll over for those very few people who complain they are “offended” by something that the majority of people want to enjoy, but are being told it could bring about the destruction of mankind. And the worst part is the snowflakes that enable them by caving into their pearl clutching whining. Every time we give in to their ridiculous demands, we empower them that much more.

The courts, with their woke attitudes, contribute to it. Should we ignore these people? No, of course not, but we also should not allow them to dictate their standards to the majority of us. We can respect other people’s beliefs but that does not give them the right to force them on us. This situation with the gentleman’s shirt is, in my opinion, the ultimate example. He was being forced to choose between his deeply held personal beliefs or someone being offended by it. Nobody is forced to put up with what offends them. All they have to do is ignore it, tolerate it or go somewhere else and find others who think like themselves. Nobody says they have to endure it.

It’s called freedom of choice. I, and others like me, gave up years or in some cases their very lives, defending this right…you’re welcome.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall