Telemarketers Are Public Enemy Number One

Dear Editor,

Telemarketers should be declared public enemy number one. No doubt they have caused wrecks on the interstate highways, resulting in injuries, maybe even deaths, when people answer their phone.

They are targeting the elderly, disabled and the gullible. The telephone companies and government authorities, such as FBI, could get together and stop these rascals (unless they are not allowed for some reason, which we the public have a right to know).

They often just hang up when you answer the phone, which may indicate they are making a certain amount, like maybe 50 cents, just to make a call. Some people say they are just trying to make a living. If that were true, they wouldn’t hang up. And when you call back, you get a message that says your call can’t go through. One thing you can do is block their calls.

I hope something can be done because I believe they are detrimental to our overall security, privacy and economy.

Leroy Seawell