Vote Morrow For Superintendent of Public Instruction

Dear Editor

I think it is very important to vote for Michelle Morrow for NC superintendent of public instruction.

Public schools are failing, with very low scores for reading and math.  The entire education bureaucracy in our state is top heavy, sending fewer resources to the classroom.

The teaching of “social emotional learning” is still going on in the lower grades, confusing children about the biology of the sexes.  We voted in NC to stop this, but Catherine Truitt still follows the agenda of the Biden administration.  Furthermore, Truitt cannot account for $230 million of her budget.

Michelle Morrow has pledged to finally fix these things and do even more to insure the safety of our classrooms.

Kate Ferrell


We Can Still Recover From Biden’s Policies

Dear Editor,

A medical student was brutally beaten, a teenager raped and beaten, a 2-year-old child abused and killed, and many more.

What do these have in common? They’re crimes committed by illegal aliens who have invaded our country, aided by the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their puppet Biden.

Granted the invasion has taken place under both Republican and Democrat administrations, but let’s talk numbers. Under Slow Joe we’ve gone from six figures to seven, and not just Central and South America, but from all over the world to include China.

Under Slow Joe the Border Enforcement Agency has gone from an enforcement arm to administrative paper pushers letting illegal aliens flow into our country. And I don’t blame them. They are only doing what their overlords order them to do. Did you know air marshals have been pulled from planes to do border enforcement work? So much for air travel security. Did you also know that while you have to practically strip naked to board a plane, these ‘privileged people’ are walked past security and put on planes. And then there’s the overcrowding of our schools, paid for with our tax money.

Yes, these types of crimes have also been committed by citizens.  In fact, you have one loyal elected (NS)DP member that has said “why all the fuss” over the medical student who had her skull caved in.

The other part of the problem is these people have started recreating the organized gangs they used in their home countries knowing all they’ll receive is a slap on the hand instead of being locked up for years.

One of our own founding documents, the Constitution, is used against us. That portion of the 14th Amendment granting citizenship to babies of aliens in the country at the time of birth needs to be amended to eliminate “anchor babies.” If you are visiting here legally and give birth, fine. Otherwise everybody goes.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their puppet Biden, over the last three plus years have managed to drag this country down close to a point that it’s going to be extremely difficult to recover from, but I believe we can and will IF we start holding our “elected representatives” (read “overlords”) responsible. This means turning off TV and thinking and acting for ourselves.

We’d best closely watch when elections start. The (NS)DP undoubtedly have plans.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall