Dear Editor,

As Americans we must decide who and what we are as a country and whether or not we’ll survive as a democracy and a moral and ethical leader among nations.

The greatest threat to our future stability and success will come from internal decay, mismanagement and corruption.  For Donald Trump as president, the list of wrongdoings continues to grow daily, and among the more damaging to our country, the freedom it provides and our wellbeing is this:

Not only did this president invite and use Russian influence to his benefit in the 2016 election, The New York Times now cites evidence that Trump is once again asking Russia’s help in his reelection bid this year.  The only way to rid this nation of the scourge of Donald Trump and his band of misfits and associates who are convicted felons is for Americans to turn out in overwhelming numbers in November to send Trump into permanent retirement from public office.

We have reached the tipping point as a country and our response and action to this threat is absolutely essential in preserving the world’s oldest and most enduring democracy.  Inaction will spell disaster to the country that has given so much to so many.

Bob Kollar