What About China?

Dear Editor,

I am sitting here listening to the White House puppets brag about all the sanctions and restrictions that Sleepy Uncle Joe has finally decided to impose on the Russians and their allies for their aggression on Ukraine, and that’s great. But while he’s successfully distracting a large number of the easily distracted Americans, I have a question.

What about China? What is to stop the PRC from basically supplying Russia with a number of those items and services we are cutting off?

Don’t forget, Putin has been making nice with them and China can provide them some of the services and items we have cut them off from. I’m hoping someone is going to start looking at this and inform the American people on this.

Another thing, this is distracting the American sheeple from is our southern border and the situation there. I can’t help but wonder how much bigger that disaster is going to turn into because they see an opportunity to take advantage of the distraction and will start “don’t worry about this, watch the Ukraine!” We have a seriously dangerous situation on our back doorstep and don’t think the (National Socialist) Democrat Party will not take max advantage of it.

God help and guide the true American people.

Alan Marshall